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Welcome to Rogers Mortgage

- Connecticut's smart choice for private lending -

Can't go to the bank? Don't want to go to the bank? We're here to help.
We lend money to all types of borrowers and for all types of real-estate.

Family owned since 1987, serving all Connecticut.

Why Us

Why Rogers Mortgage?

Fast Turnarounds

We approve and close deals quickly because time is important to you.

Minimal Paperwork

We minimize paperwork for the convenience of our borrowers.

Competitive Rates

We are flexible and set rates and terms that work for you.

Any Credit Score Considered

We never turn anyone down because of credit score.

Appraisals Not Required

We look at all properties ourselves and never charge a fee.

No Prepayment Penalties

We never charge prepayment penalties to our borrowers.

No Income Verification

Most loans do not require income verification.

Flexible Payment Options

We structure payment plans based on the borrower's needs.

About Rogers Mortgage

As a family owned company in business since 1987, Rogers Mortgage is a direct lender. We offer mortgages in Connecticut for all types of real-estate and all types of credit.  We give our clients quick and personalized service.


Each mortgage is structured to fit the individual needs of the borrower and their real-estate. This means you can get what you need, when you need it.



Property Types Considered:

Flips and Rehabs

Residential and Commercial 

1-4 Families

 New Construction and Spec Houses

Apartment Buildings and Condos 

Mixed Use 

Vacant Properties

Loan Types Offered:

Flip and Rehap Loans

Bridge Loans

First Mortgages

Second Mortgages 

Construction Mortgages 

Fixed Rates

Short or Long Term Mortgages

Contact Us

Contact Dave Cyr

Call or Text: (860) 655-5590

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Click here

Call, text, or email 8:00am - 8:00pm (seven days a week)


National Mortgage Licensing System
NMLS #108446
NMLS #111639


Dave Cyr

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