Mortgage Licenses:
National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS)
NMLS #108446
NMLS #111639
     Rogers Mortgage is a private mortgage lending company owned and operated by Dave Cyr in Berlin, CT.  In business since 1987, Rogers Mortgage is a Direct CT Lender and offers mortgages in Connecticut for all types of real-estate and all types of credit.  Each mortgage is structured to fit the individual needs of the borrower and their real-estate. Borrowers must have good equity, sizable down-payment, or other real-estate that can be cross collateralized.
Borrowers often come to us for some of the following reasons:​
  • Minimal paperwork needed
  • Fast turnaround for approvals and closings
  • Appraisals are not required
  • Competitive private lending rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No income verification
  • Flexible payment options
Currently we are not doing mortgages on primary residences/owner-occupied properties.
About Rogers Mortgage
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